'The Breakup Artist' was a web series written and drawn by me. Originally published on Webtoons, it ran with weekly installments for almost four years (give or take a 6 month break).
It is my longest, most work-intensive project yet. Amongst other things, it taught me how to write story, as well as do storytelling through the comics medium. It's my proudest achievement as an artist and writer.
To explore the characters and the world of "The Breakup Artist", click here or the side bar.
To see read the series in it's entirety, click here.

Jun Law is the titular lead in 'The Breakup Artist'

The main cast of 'The Breakup Artist' (L to R): Ezra, Jun, Harr, Maylene, and Amber

The girls of 'The Breakup Artist' (L to R): Amber, Maylene, and Jun (bottom)

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