Mrs. Chavez
Mrs. Chavez is Jun and Harr's land lady. She is a nice Filipino woman who inherited an old apartment building that she rents out cheaply. When she's not managing her property, Mrs. Chavez is getting way too involved in the lives of her tenants.
Amy Hu
Amy Hu is Maylene's older sister. More serious and responsible than Maylene, she is loves her sister almost as often as she is exasperated by her. Amongst other things, Amy is able to call Maylene out on her BS when needed.
Jenna is Amber's fellow model friend. She makes a brief appearance at Ezra's holiday party. Outside of being loud, outgoing, and hyperactive, there is not much else going on behind those eyes.
Carly works with Harr in the SF Symphony and has an enormous crush on him. She is also acutely jealous of Jun and feels inferior compared to Harr's obvious obsession with Jun. She also has an older sister Corrina, who may or may not require the help of the Breakup Artist at some point.
Navisha is Ezra's co-worker and closest on-the-job friend. While Navisha is always supportive of Ezra, she also has a romantic relationship with Harr.
Jeffery is an overall tech bro and Ezra's co-worker. Loud-mouth, curt, invasive, and a bully. Once Ezra stood up against Jeffery, he has been a thorn in Ezra's side ever since.
Cameron Wu
Cameron is Ezra's best friend and roommate. While he is accomplished and intelligent, he also has a compulsive need to show off. He is also constantly frustrated at Ezra's apparent ease with talking to women. Amber and Cameron also have a prickly relationship much to Ezra's chagrin.

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