I've been enjoying the creative writing process as a part of 'The Breakup Artist'.
The following excerpt is my favorite dialogue scenes from comic. The scene showcases all of the characters' distinctive personalities through a lively debate.
(Setting: Close up of a Hot pot bowl boiling)
1 Maylene (Off-camera): Who’s Carly?
(Cut to Maylene, Jun, Amber, and Ezra are all sitting around a hot pot table)

1 Jun: Harr’s close personal friend from the orchestra. Her sister’s the one who needs help.
2 She and I don’t really get along.
3 Maylene: Another one of those girls?
4 Amber (intrigued): Oh, what does that mean?

1 Jun: Nothing. It’s nothing. Harr just always had a lot of female friends.
2 (To Maylene) Though this one sounds more...different.
(Amber and Ezra look at each other)
3 Maylene (To Ezra): Hey, Ezra, you’re an engineer, right?
4 How come I turned this fire to maximum and the meat is barely cooking?

1 Ezra: Uh, actually, I’m not that kind of engineer. I’m a software engineer.
2 Maylene: Same difference.
3 Ezra: If I were to guess, it’s because you’re overstuffing the broth with too much meats and veggies.

1 All that food will diffuse the heat more, making it take longer to heat each individual ingredient.
2 Maylene: Ohhhh…
3 (To everyone) See! Engineer!
4 (Ezra sighs)
(Harr enters)
5 Harr: Hey, guys. Sorry, I’m late.
6 Amber: Oh! Harr! You’re here!

1 Why don’t you sit across from me so we could see each other!
2 Ezra: Where am I going to sit?
3 Amber: You could sit at the head of the table , babe.

(Ezra reluctantly moves while both Harr and him stare at each other)
1 You look tired. What’s been going on?
2 Harr: No offense, Amber, but I have something to talk about with Jun and Maylene.

1 It’s about Carly’s situation.

1 Jun (thinking) Ugh, how do I talk with Harr without revealing to Ezra that I’m the Breakup Artist?
2 Ezra: We were just hearing about her. It’s something about her sister needing help, right?
3 What’s going on?

1 Jun (sarcastic; coded): Sorry, Harr. Just skip to the important stuff, since I’m sure not everybody needs to know about everything. (Stares over at Ezra; who’s slightly confused)
2 Harr (realization): Oh. Um, so Jun and Maylene agreed to help my friend, since they’re such good listeners.
3 Ezra: What’s happening with the sister Corrina ?
4 Maylene: Yeah, Harr. Give us the drama behind her sister?
5 Is it cheating bf? Slacker loser guy?

1 Harr (sighs): …
2  it’s abuse.
(the group stops in dead silence and stare at Harr; Maylene and Jun stare at each other; worried)
End Scene

(Setting: Hot Pot place; the whole group is present, still staring at Harr)

1 Jun: Is it…?
2 Harr: Yeah…
3 I don’t know how long it’s been happening but...
4 She said two days ago, they got into an argument. And he lost his temper.
5 Ezra: Oh my God.
6 Harr: It gets worst. There’s another complication.

1 She’s pregnant.
2 Jun: Oh no…
3 We need to stop this now.
4 This goes way beyond just breaking up with a boyfriend. 
5 We need to call the cops.
6 Harr: I couldn’t agree more.

1 Amber: I think you should stay out of her business.
2 Harr: What?
3 Jun: Seriously?
4 Amber: Look, we don’t know the full story. Who are we to come in and potentially screw up their lives?

1 Ezra: But she will also have a baby soon. What then?
2 I thought you, more than anybody would know what it’s like to grow up with a bad parental figure.
3 Amber: No, I know what it’s like to have an absent father. Just like you did, Ezra.
4 If anything you should be agreeing with me, because that’s what will happen if we interfere here.
5 Jun: Amber, with all due respect. An abuser won’t change his behavior because of the baby.

1 If we know something’s going on, we have an obligation to act on it.
2 Amber: If we do nothing, maybe something bad will happen.
3 But if we break a family up, it guarantees the child will be screwed up.
4 Ezra: Not always.
5 Amber: It doesn’t really matter. How arrogant does one need to be to think they can go in and play ‘God’ with other peoples’ lives?

1 Harr: Maylene, I noticed that you haven’t chimed in about this topic.
2 I’m curious what your lawyer experience has to say about that.
3 Maylene: ...
(silent beat; everybody stares at Maylene; she’s contemplative)
4 Harr: Uh, Maylene?
5 Maylene: Ethically and legally. We need to do something.
6 Harr (to Amber): Boom, there you go.
7 Maylene: No. This goes beyond that.

1 Because…
(silent beat; another beat, Jun looks at her worried)

1 I was also in an abusive relationship 
(Silent beat where everybody is now staring at Maylene)
End Scene

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