Illustrator, Writer, Comics Creator

Jun Law is the Breakup Artist! She's big-hearted, sassy, with just a hint of cynical sarcasm.
A beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished fashion model. But beneath the glamour, lies a volatile, angry personality. Don't cross her or else!
The long-suffering boyfriend of Amber, Ezra is inhumanly patient and kind. He always tries to do the right thing, even though it almost always backfires on him.
Despite being a strongly, traditionally manly womanizer, Harr's always had a soft spot for his neighbor Jun.
Best friends with Jun, Maylene is a sexy, outgoing, and fiercely witty. Work hard, play hard for this young attorney!
The world of 'The Breakup Artist' is populated with a number of side-characters who deepen the lives of our main cast.
Backgrounds are easily the most time-consuming part of drawing the comic, but are often covered up by the characters in a scene. Here they are in their un-obscured glory. The backgrounds depict 'The Breakup Artist's San Francisco setting, showcasing some of the city's most famous landmarks.
Chapter One
How does Jun breakup with a cheating jerk? Check out this excerpt from the first chapter.
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